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Bitdefender removed some bloat, improved detection/performance and added some stuff for Vulnerability Scan with this version, but there werent any major changes.

Wondering what's new?

Based on a security-as-a-service concept, one of the changes is the simplified user interface, which provides the same experience on all devices and operating systems, which means that the most important functions can be found more easily, faster and more intuitive. Now it's easier than ever to find the data protection and privacy features you need.

While some changes focus on the user experience, others involve optimizing integrated technology, designed to improve performance and threat detection. For example, we have made considerable improvements to basic technologies and machine learning technology algorithms to accurately identify new and unknown threats. Now that online threats and malware have exceeded one billion cases, our patented machine learning technologies and algorithms can cope with the growing number of threats and detect these threats before they can be detected. it affects your system.

As for performance, we have optimized our technologies so that the possible impact on the system is considerably lower than ever, so that you can focus on and enjoy what really matters. Now you can play, work and enjoy the performance of your system while being protected by an award-winning security solution.

And since attackers won't let anything get in their way when they want to exploit your system's vulnerabilities and misconfigurations to install threats or compromise your data, we've made some improvements to the Vulnerability Scan feature. Fixing any vulnerabilities or improper configurations prevents attackers from taking advantage of them to compromise your system. Ensuring protection against threats and malware means more than accurate detection; it also means knowing what the possible vulnerabilities are, so that you can strengthen your security position.

And for iOS devices, you can now surf the internet without being afraid of dangerous, fraudulent or phishing websites. With Web Protection enabled, you'll rely on a patented Bitdefender VPN solution designed for iOS that is able to filter traffic that exposes your data to risk, regardless of the browser or application trying to access dangerous or fraudulent content.

Your privacy is important

Because we value your security and privacy, we've made improvements to the VPN solution as well. Because many of us now work from home, the need for a reliable and secure VPN connection has become the "new normal."

The new and improved VPN is now 25 percent faster and has a switch to stop the internet connection, which suspends traffic in case the connection is accidentally interrupted. It also includes enhanced streaming capabilities for media content, allowing you to access media content that has been geographically restricted until now.

Although our Premium VPN solution with unlimited encrypted traffic is a stand-alone offering, it is also included in our product line for individual users, but is limited to 200 MB of traffic per day for each device. Thus, it is perfect for testing our technology and its capabilities before choosing unlimited traffic, complete anonymity and even the ability to stream safely for media content.

All this and much more is now available with our new generation of security, so you can protect both your data and your privacy from prying eyes. Regardless of the operating system you use, Windows, Mac OS, Android or even iOS, try the new Bitdefender.

For those of you who have a valid subscription, you can safely upgrade to the new version - the old license is also valid for new products.

This version is running great on my machine and seems to have the fastest browsing experience considering antivirus with web scanner.


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If that's correct, It's strange to see that two big AV brands have decided to follow ESET's way at the same time: Bitdefender and Kaspersky. If I'm not wrong, also Kaspersky this year opted to have more "service packs" throughout the year. Much better to have security improvements as soon as available, rather than wait for a year. But this could also be just temporary, because neither Kaspersky nor Bitdefender brought significant improvements in their 2021 versions. If this is a result of lack of R&D resources in Covid times, the things could change once the crisis it's over.


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They told that on their announce of "2021" version on their blog.

Service it's like Norton 360 or similars. Not having a new version every year necessarily, but receiving updates and new things any time.
Is it? I couldn't find it in their blog.
Can you please share the link over here if possible?



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I don't think they have released 2021 in full version, in the website when they release something, it appears on the menu of the products saying "NEW", it doesn't show nothing in .ro, and .com domains (this domains are usually always the first to notify about something new)

So, maybe will have a surprise... who knows.