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I also had a bad experience with EaseUs on boot i got a message saying EaseUs Todo not running and that was it.

Too bad thing is having to make a recovery, to tell you that you can not do in the chosen unit.
The image was " D" and had to transfer it to "C".
Is it so difficult ?


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For system images:
EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation / Free
O&O DiskImage
Acronis True Image
or if you use Windows 8 you already have integrated function for it.

For file/folder backup i use Genie Timeline Professional 2014 and i am loving the program.
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Things you may wish to consider:
Macrium Reflect Free does not have
-Differential and Incremental backups
-File and Folder backup
Disk Space Management

The other tools offer that.
Maybe you do not need it, but it is available. See it as a 'bonus'. These options are available in the paid version of Macrium though.

Macrium and EaseUS allow images to be opened by Windows Explorer directly. Handy.
AOMEI : you need to take 1 extra step: first open the images within AOMEI, then they are accessable with any explorer.

You may wish to consider speed and filesize.
Example: AOMEI launches within 3 seconds, before you can use it. EaseUS takes 11 seconds.
My image of a C-drive: AOMEI's 23.8GB EaseUS 26.4
As for speed of creating an image: doesn't make too much of a difference.
AOMEI: 7:05 EaseUS 7:45

All that said, I, myself, wouldn't know what to choose though... :)
(not acronis, not paragon)

p.s. note that Macrium v6 is to be launched soon

FWIW - Have downloaded/installed Macrium Reflect v5.3, which takes a bit longer than usual programs as it requires roughly 210MB to be downloaded for install.
The installer itself is just 2MB and merely serves to download the latest version from Macrium server.

Macrium has a nice interface, I like that, a matter of taste, I know.

That said, launching Macrium in MY case: 45 seconds (AOMEI abt 3 seconds, EaseUS about 11 seconds)
(reason, it scans all drives and partitions, also after launching again and again)

Image backup of my C-drive takes 11:09 minutes (AOMEI 7:05, EaseUS 7:45)

The 11 minutes is difficult to reconcile with their statement on
".. The fastest disk imaging and cloning software! .."

Image size 23.5GB

When opening the image with Windows Explorer, a driveletter should be assigned.
Usually this is no problem and users can select any 'free' driveletter.
Just remember to dismount the drive, later.

EaseUS simply rightlick the imagefile to open it. There is no need for a driveletter, or dismounting.

just my 2 cts-
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Have you tried Redo Back and Recovery? Yes!

It will not work on Windows 8.1 X64 Bits. With latest updates? Let me know if it working for you?
And can you provide a link to newest version?


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Hi! here's a screen shot that shows a Macrium image(E) on the left and my C(OS)drive on the right. Very handy. I can drag and drop or copy and paste.
Back ups are my specialty. I love my Macrium Reflect!;) I would never be without it!
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Now, that looks simple enough for me, even! Is it heavy? (Since my system won't handle much...) Can I stop the windows backup and lighten the load when I put a backup prog on here? Hi, thanks!
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Now, that looks simple enough for me, even! Is it heavy? (Since my system won't handle much...) Can I stop the windows backup and lighten the load when I put a backup prog on here? Hi, thanks!
Hi! @tallorder Macrium is a back up image program. It is different than the windows back up you are referring too. You create a image of your OS on a external source. With Macrium you can restore your PC to like it was on the day you created the image even to a brand new HD that is equal or larger in size. The best way is to read about Macrium. Here's a good link to learn about Macrium!! I have used the free version for years. It has never disappointed me and has got me out of trouble on several occasions.


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Filebackup with Macrium Relfect v5.x standard (purchased version!)

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