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Aomei backupper standard has my vote all the way : nice and easy to understand inteface good for pro's and the not so computer techie people! :D


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I guess I have heard Macrium Reflect to be pretty good. I myself am needing some backup & recovery software. So this thread that I found is a good one. Thanks!
Notes on Macrium Reflect files backup
1) it does not support 'Mirror'
meaning that if you delete files on the source drive, the deleted file will still be there on the backup drive.
drawback: in the long run you may run out of diskspace on the backup drive, because of the growing number of 'useless' files

2) files are stored in one file, extension .mrbak
you need Macrium to open that file
note that Macrium will take a drive letter as a kind of 'virtual drive'
it will not happen very soon, but it could be that you may run out of driveletters (e.g. when using a lot of partitions, a number of external drives, encrypted container drives)

3) I believe with Macrium it is not possible to select a folder and THEN tag subfolders, which may be a bit of a handycap if you don't need all the stuff in the subfolders.

I myself am using SyncBackPro for many years. As I am used to it, frankly speaking, I didn't consider any alternatives.
It does run 'mirror' and one can browse thru the backupfiles the same way as on the source drives (no compression)
One can select a drive and then tag the folders to be backed up.

You may have a look at the free version. The Best Backup Software For Windows: SyncBack

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I have try this just about 2 weeks ago. On Windows 8.1 X64 Bits.
Let me know what you find out?
Quick update on this-

I managed to completely restore my Windows 10 Pro X64 from a Redo Image.
(That's what I get for playing with Insider Previews...:eek:)

I know it's not Win 8,but it can help if you need the tool for special occasions.


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Backup maker 7 by It is free for personal use. And it is only for file backup not drive image etc.
Hi! here's a screen shot that shows a Macrium image(E) on the left and my C(OS)drive on the right. Very handy. I can drag and drop or copy and paste.
Back ups are my specialty. I love my Macrium Reflect!;) I would never be without it!
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Could you explain your setup a little bit more in detail, and especially the drag / copy & paste part?
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