Troubleshoot Whea Internal Parity Error on 10850K stock. MciStat0x9000004000010005


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Mar 11, 2016
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Hi my pc:
108500K stock 4800mhz
2x16 GB DDR4 GSKILL 3000mhz XMP
Seasonic Tx-850 Ultra Titanium
Gigabyte Rtx 3090 Gaming OC
Aorus Z490 Pro Gaming

My pc i have 6 months,never had any WHEAS. I tested Control, Quake 2 rtx, Metro Exodus,3dmark port royal,battlefield 5,Serious Sam 4 and other games. No Wheas during 6 months,no bsods,no crashes.

My system is updated to newest Win 10 H20.

Today i run again Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition for 6 hours. After exiting game i check event logs and saw 1 WHEA Internal Parity Error.

The exact WHEA 19 was like this:

error source: unknown error source error type: internal parity error processor ir: 3

Bin etwas überrascht weil ich keinerlei freezes oder ähnliches hatte.
Muss ich mir sorgen machen?

And my question is why one single WHEA appeared after 6 months on stock cpu?!

I have only XMP on. But memtest no errors. Rma cpu then?


It just popped after 6 hours in Metro Exodus.
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May 10, 2021
From what i've seen, this issue is mostly caused by overclocks and voltage issues with the CPU, are you sure you didn't overclock or change any voltage settings on the BIOS? If you didn't do anything, try updating your chipset driver and see if the problem happens again.
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