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This should be rather a simple question (based on many of the tests done by independent companies, etc...). Which one of them has the best detection ratio? I don't use any antivirus on my Android, but I like to install some "on-demand" scanner from time to time, just to make sure, so which one is it? I DO NOT CARE about anything other than that - performance, system impact... Because I'm going to uninstall the AV immediately after the scan is done.


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I really like Zemana Antivirus & Security. It has local and Cloud detection, even Anti Keylogger feature. Also, Web protection is coming soon.
I'm using Zemana too. But Zemana only auto scans after installation, same for many AVs, and is not a full-fledged AV. And if you use 4G + VPN the returning scan confirmation result is slow......same for many AVs as well.

I'm looking for a AV (as an addition) which auto scans upon download and not limited to apps from Google Play Store alone. Some AV only auto scans apps upon download from Google Play Store. Ignore other fancy features.

You know any? Thx
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