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Sr.Normal thanks for the recommendation about online armor but i"m not as paranoid as you about security:rolleyes: that's why i prefer windows firewall.
p.s.1:right now i have eset nod32 7 av not avg or avira simply because it's better from both of them in my opinion.;)
p.s.2:if i wanted a better firewall i would go with norton security which i tried it and it is light on my laptop and has a very good firewall with no pop ups or with kaspersky internet security which i read in this forum that is very good but i haven't tried it :).
p.s.3: i must tell you that i am more of an antivirus fan than internet security because i think that internet security suites have staff that i don't need and just are slow doing done my laptop.a good antivirus with firewall are enough for me;)

but that is just my opinion :cool::D


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That depends on your personal needs,your PC configuration and your experience.Common sense was mentioned,and that is very good advice too many programs can do more harm then good.As far as Security goes there are many good programs.

Avast AV : Excellent free Antivirus program and works well combined with Windows Firewall

Malwarebytes Antimalware: Excellent free program to use as an on demand scanner

LastPass: A free,secure password manager to store and encrypt all your passwords.It offers automatic login as well as a password generator

Unchecky: Warns you when a program tries to sneak in additional programs as part of the install.Runs and updates automatically so you just install it and forget about it

CCleaner: Free,offers backups for registry cleaning which can be restored easily.Excellent program for all levels of experience.

Revo Uninstaller or IObit uninstaller: Excellent 3rd party uninstallers which do a fine job at removing everything left behind from an uninstall

Defraggler: A good easy to use defrag program

Sandboxie: Free version.Excellent program for browsing the web.If you do a lot of "clicking" then running your browser in this program would be a good move.

Macrium Reflect Free / AOMEI Backupper / Paragon Backup & Rcovery Free Edition: These are 3 Free backup & recovery programs that are fairly simple to use and provide a good free recovery option.

Chrome and or Firefox: 2 highly customizable browsers with some very good extensions such as HTTPS Everywhere,AdBlock Plus,WOT,Ghostery,uBlock,etc.

An external hard dive: Backing up your most important personal files,installed program lists,serial keys,licenses and photos to an external drive is invaluable

Cloud storage & file sharing programs: There are many free ones and most have limitations on the amount you can store in the free versions.To name a few Dropbox.Mediafire & Mega.


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In choosing a browser, anything may do as long its meet from your performance and own reliability view; because we have our different experience where an issues only exist by few people and not majority or vice versa.

Opera, Chrome or Firefox browsers holds lots of features and customization and sometimes performance may vary from system to system.

Other browsers which incorporate like Webkit, Gecko, or Blink are more reliable due to the fact its a slim version where focus more on performance concern.

But if you have decent computer then you shouldn't have any problems at all.


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Of course what @jamescv7 commented was absolutely appreciable. In my personal experience I had lot of issue choosing a browser and decide it as the best. But later I came to know that there isn't anything such as best. Of course Firefox offers a lot of customization, but the customizations load is affected by one's computer configuration.
Ex: I though have a Quad core processor and 8GB of ram, I get lags in firefox and limitations in using addons. Script errors etc... Whom can I complain about it? Where as Google Chrome has a odd UI and doesnt have smooth scroll. And In Opera many things missing but since its under development I can wait for the best of it.
So it is really completely user dependent on choosing their personal best web browser.
So friend my reply is not to offence this this thread, but indeed a sharing of a little knowledge and personal experience over the browsers.
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