Which cloud storage do you use ?

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I really like IDriveSync. I have my files encrypted by a key held only by me, plus I have all the last 30 versions of any file, enough to cover any screw-ups. Up and down speeds are good too. Anyone interested in a referral can send me a PM.
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me,me,me...choose Mega cloud..mostly download files import to my Mega Cloud, and have an unique key, download method...
Firedrive (formely Putlocker) also a good cloud storage but to many Ads, Shared.com similar as Mega. Free account wil have 100GB..Cloud Storage. My Vote to Mega add Shared.com.
while Downloaded File Just Import to my Cloud Storage Free account up to 50GB

My Cloud Storage at Mega.co.nz (Free Account)

My Cloud storage at Shared.com...(Free Account 100GB)

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