Which DNS Server(s) do you use?

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FortiGuard DNS no longer supports ANY filtration (Malware/Spam/Ads/Phish) for free. The DNS without a licensed Fortigate is just a normal DNS, with a licensed forgate on the gateway IP it activates not only the above, but also SNI based Web Filtration.

So I do not recommend FortiGuard DNS as a free option unless you are just looking for a secured, corporate focused DNS with high reliability.

Pi-Hole is by far the best option for everyone anyway.


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Pi-Hole is designed to be run in a VM or on a Raspberry Pi, it's not designed to run on a Windows PC, it's a DNS server on your network, not an endpoint DNS server.
I am looking in the Pi-hole direction, what DNS do you point your Pi-hole to, your provider, openDNS or any other "open" DNS services?



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This "random Guy" offers his DNS service since 2009 under the name CensurfriDNS, which many people used for years without any problems.
Im going away from DNS.Watch since they had 2 outages in the last 3 month without any explanation and they don't update their social media or blog anymore.
While this "random Guy" is active and answers questions.
If DNS.Watch upgrades to DNS over TLS and take their service more serious im would switch back.

Since i have my own local DNS Resolver and Cache, most of the time his DNS won't even get used, since pfBlockerNG with Unbound send their request to the 13 root DNS servers anyway.
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