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If you want me to be sincere, I would not spend any money on security software when there are solid free options like Avast Free or Bitdefender Free Edition available.
However, if you really want a complete security suite, I would go for Internet Security, with some useful features like Anti-spam. Of the three, my choice would be Kaspersky Internet Security.
Research, and use your brain. Greetings!


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Thanks again for your replies everyone. I used the link to a 90 day free trial of BD Total Security from here on MT, it's not gone too well so far, lol, so i doubt i will choose that, it was a total nightmare to install and i don't know what it did to my laptop so it's been uninstalled twice already and i have had to do a system image restore (thanks to everyone who recommended i do that last week) Support from BD is almost non existent, then they tell you you DON'T exist and your password is incorrect, lol, i have tried to install it again and so far it is behaving itself ..... time will tell.

LOL @Khairul, not any type of porn surfer let alone a "heavy porn surfer" but i'll bear your views in mind in case i ever decide to become one;)


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The practical editions goes to Antivirus or Internet Security.

A user should benefit from the component related to protection (AV, Sandbox, HIPS/BB, and Firewall).

For free version, the best starter is Avast Free as it contains overall vital components to protect the system.

In terms of paid AV then you can go between ESET, Kaspersky, Norton or even Bitdefender.

But I suggest to look out for other alternatives like Emsisoft, F-secure and even G-data as well.

Factors that you should consider the following:

  • Strong protection mechanism
  • Effective HIPS/ BB as secondary component
  • Easy to configure
  • User friendly
  • The bonus part if it contains default-deny concept like from Kaspersky or Avast.
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This got my day off to a smiling start, and it's only 6:08 AM here, where I live!;)
Sounds like @Khairul made your day :rolleyes:

LOL sorry but I didn't know this category have well-defined subcategories :D:p
I wonder if we have a "heavy surfer" on the forum who could tell us what the other subcategories are, it would make some interesting reading but will anyone own up to it, lol.

I would suggest using Malwarebytes along with an internet security suite or an antivirus. Malwarebytes can used as a free on-demand scanner or a paid premium version with active protection. In internet security suites and antivirus i would recommend-Kaspersky and Eset.
Thanks @Dhruv2193, i am still a novice at trying to tighten my security up but after some advice on "my config" i have added Malwarebytes and Zemana as on demand scanners, i have also added HTTPS everywhere and and an adblocker, it's just because i've always had a total security suite then i realised that i probably don't need all that, i am considering Kapersky and will try the free trail when this current Bitdefender trial expires (if i make it to the end with it) but thank you anyway, i appreciate everyone taking the time to help someone like me with no real knowledge.
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In my opinion, all AV listed are fine for the stuff you do. If youre ok with BD, renew it. I think Avast free would be a good option for you, it has a fantastic web protection. If you want a paid one, I recommend you between Kaspersky IS (more customizable, adaptative) or Norton (more install and forget).
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