Battle Which is best HitmanPro.Alert or Malwarebytes Premium?

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Malwarebytes Premium


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Feb 25, 2017
I think they are not comparable. HitmanPro.Alert only provides exploit and ransomware protection and some basic protections for other malware, while Malwarebytes offers protection for a wide variety of threats. If you decide to use HitmanPro.Alert then I would recommend running it alongside Microsoft Defender for example. Malwarebytes however can be run as a standalone product without the need of another AV. I personally often had issues with Malwarebytes but if it works for you, then go for it.


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Aug 16, 2021
also not a fan of malware bytes so much...
Windows defender hardened with hard configurator/configure defender, with HMPA for anti exploit & hitman pro as second opinion scanner is a pretty powerful combo.
(also backed up by Emsisoft EEK as a third opinion! as well as the other layers of firewall/hips/adblock/common sense etc)


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Sep 13, 2018
Malwarebytes has a lot of antivirus attributes: Windows Firewall Control, the MBAE and AdwCleaner modules. I always think it aspires to be a stand-alone antivirus but many still advise to run it alongside Defender.

HitmanPro.Alert describes itself on its site as "enhancing PC security." It stops short of making claims outside of its capabilities. It is ideal to run with Defender. When I ran it, it had a very minimal impact on the system (but I had strong hardware). Malwarebytes Premium--not so well. Maybe this has improved recently.

hitmanpro Alert.PNG

Put it this way: If I was on Windows 7 or 8, Alert would be my first choice, no contest. It is powerful. Then again, Malwarebytes has made some positive strides but when I tried it in the past, its performance issues and bugs kind of stuck with me. So, it would not be a consideration in view of what I use now anyway. HitmanPro.Alert is also 5 USD cheaper than Malwarebytes, which now has a monthly billing schedule available, it seems. Makes it look cheaper that way, I guess. If it's performance, maybe demo both and see for yourself.

Dave Russo

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May 26, 2014
The argument used to be which of the two had the better anti-exploit protection, seeing you have Malwarebytes (and this will be your primary program?) you could use the same activation code for Hitman Pro Alert to activate just Hitman pro and use as secondary scanner. If it was my choice I agree (with advice already given) with Hitman pro Alert alongside Microsoft Defender. If you want also, you can install Malwarebytes free for another secondary scan. I know it's a shame so to speak of(throwing away money) maybe give it to a fellow member in need, the activation for Malwarebytes


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Feb 26, 2021
All that being said, Malwarebytes is just plain bad! I wouldn't trust it for anything. Their detection rates have been bad for a very long time. I guess that's what happens when you try to do everything; you end up doing nothing well. Go with HMP.A. At least they use a multi-engine scanner.


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Apr 1, 2019
All that being said, Malwarebytes is just plain bad! I wouldn't trust it for anything. Their detection rates have been bad for a very long time. I guess that's what happens when you try to do everything; you end up doing nothing well. Go with HMP.A. At least they use a multi-engine scanner.
You should take a look at their recent detections rates. There’s still reasons not to use Malwarebytes alone, but that’s starting to not be one of them.


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Aug 2, 2020
MB is an excellent AV solution from the recent performance test I have seen and if you want more Anti exploit protect install their free Malware Bytes anti exploit software its also updated
regularly. Despite the popular opinion in this thread I would use MBP over HPA anyday.




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Apr 24, 2016
Both are great programs but lost their reasons to exist.
Microsoft and most AVs are much better now in protecting your system than in the days those two programs were created.

I would only use Malwarebytes and HitmanPro as second opinion scanners.
And even as second opinion scanners there are better programs out there.

Also, Microsoft has come a long way with Microsoft Defender.
The reasons anything else still exists is that people still assume Microsoft Defender is bad, marketing, Microsoft Defender is heavy on some systems and the advanced options are not user friendly enough especially for home users.


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Dec 7, 2021
I installed Malwarebytes a couple of weeks ago, I thought the interface was maybe the best of any AV type program I've used recently - My issue was the ridiculous amount of recourses it uses, it slowed the reasonably good Ryzen 5600x, with Vengeance RAM markedly (crazy) - If others can make a good AV that's light I can't see why Mbam can't. & they have had long enough to get it right, add to the fact Mbam isn't especially good - HMP.A uses virtually nothing though they are very different beasts - I run HMP.A without issue.


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Oct 14, 2021
I am not a fan of Malwarebytes, it slows the system too much, so much in fact that I would never use it again, & their claim to be a fully AV solution is ridiculous, not now not ever.
HitmanPro Alert does not promise such things, it is additional security software & it is outstanding IMHO.:)

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