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Hello Guys
i want to buy internet Security
who is the best internet Security of these:
Bitdefender Internet Security
Kaspersky Internet Security
Norton internet Security
Emsisoft internet Security
Zone alarm Extreme Security
What do you advise me and why?
My laptop specs intel core i7 6700hq 16GB ram DDR4


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go for emsisoft it has the least amount of bloat , friendly and helpful customer suport and good privacy policy! plus it is nor resource hog , like some of the others you mention in your list. or norton wich comes in second place. emsisoft also has got an extremly good behaviour blocker , excellent signatures , one of the best pup detections. norton has a good behaviour blocker too , superb firewall , but their signatures are not always the best. norton also has also got a very good , helpful and knowledgable customer suport.
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There's no "best" security suite but I'll rattle off my opinion for your consideration (purely in reference of protection):

Emsisoft uses Bitdefender's signatures and and one-ups it with a stronger and more informative behaviour blocker which rules out Bitdefender for me.

ZoneAlarm uses Kaspersky's signatures but doesn't have the rock solid all-round protection that Kaspersky affords so that rules out ZoneAlarm for me.

Can't comment on Norton as I haven't used it since the early 2000's.

If I'm paying then Kaspersky or Emsisoft would be the only two I'd consider from your list.
You may prefer one of the others though so I'd suggest using the free trials each vendor offers to see which one you prefer.


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@Trickster @Faybert_A7X @Arequire MT members are awesome and explain every term and(y) sharing their experience That's why I Like MT community.
I copy your lines @Arequire "There's no "best" security suite" I hope you don't mind ;)
I recommend you check before linking on any link and downloading any file from internet and emails.
You need Best security suite, unfortunately, there is nothing but you secure yourself from attacks.
I recommend you Bitdefender IS or Kaspersky IS and members already suggest you some good Av and some on-demand scanners for precise results


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Kaspersky hand down all of it's components are solid and if you tweak the settings you've got extremly solid protection. Second for me would be Emsisoft. That's just my own personal opinion having used both products. If Comodo was on your list my choice would be KIS. CIS and Emsisoft in third place.


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Pick whatever suits you the most, you have nice specs. Antivirus will not perform the same on all systems, so whatever someone tells you it's lgiht may not be light on your conditions.

Anyways, out of those i would suggest Emsisoft Anti-Malware.


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Can i ask if you are going to tweak the software?
If yes then i would like to suggest Eset. When tweaked it offers great protection.
If you 'll leave the software to default settings then i would suggest Emsisoft or Norton.
Those 2 were light on my system without tweaking.

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I'd go with Norton, Kaspersky or Emsisoft.

1. Norton
- Solid product.
- Engineers are incredibly experienced.
- Huge development/analysis team to get things done quickly.
- Reputable.

2. Kaspersky
- Solid product.
- Engineers are incredibly experienced.
- Application Control can be very useful.
- Banking protection.

3. Emsisoft
- Solid product.
- Engineers are incredibly experienced.
- Behavior Blocker is excellent.
- Light web protection.
- Community-helping team (free malware removal for even non-customers)

All three of them are good, and you can come up with better positives for all of them according to your own thoughts after testing. I suggest you use a free trial to test them out for X amount of time and then decide which one you are most comfortable with using (not just for the three I mentioned, but any products you are including with your decision).

It isn't right for any of us to simply tell you a product and expect you to install and use it, because it might not be convenient for you. System resource usage will differ between users for example. You should use free trials and then decide which one after some time of using each one independently for their trial. You can probably also find nice promotion deals for the one you decide you'll purchase and use (unless you go with a free option for non-IS but AV).


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Do you wanna have best protection or ultralight protection?

-> Best protection -> take a look at Kaspersky IS
-> you hate heavy impact from any antivirus? Go with Bullguard IS, Eset IS or Panda IS
Not sure but as far as I can see both ESET and Kaspersky are basically same lightness so to speak, ranging from i3 to i7.

ESET aint what it used to be anymore.

Bulguard is far from being light.

Panda is not light the moment the scanning kicks in.

By light, I do not mean RAM usage, but CPU and I/O


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Kaspersky cannot be light without tweaks....system watcher and application control eat performance.
And the bugs with kaspersky in combo with windows updates...i cannot recommend it
But let choose the thread starter :)
sorry but what combo with windows updates are you referring to?

I use Kaspersky exclusively on my gaming laptop and my mid end laptop and can say theres no performance issues. Furthermore, mid end laptop does not have Kaspersky tweaked at all.

If you are referring to pre 2017 era of Kaspersky products lineup, fair enough but 2017 and 2018 have vast improvements on performance.


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too much problems with kaspersky after any windows updates. Kaspersky is the bug master after avast.
the forums are full with kaspersky problems
Patch E is rolling out...i have nothing more to say
but we are going off-topic...
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