Q&A Which method is the best way to restore a system?


Level 33
Apr 1, 2019
Was the question meant as in the fastest or in the most reliable way?
Fastest: Probably Rollback RX (After 2 fubar problems I quit using it years ago). Could totaly be usererror but I couldn't get windows back again :D
Reliable: Macrium Reflect (for me). If you buy it it's also really fast with restores, a least in my view.
Yeah my last restore only took 2 minutes after purchasing it. It wasn’t bad at 15 minutes before.

Digmor Crusher

Level 11
Jan 27, 2018
UNCHECK "turn off automatic windows update" in Rollback RX Pro and you should be good to go.View attachment 238597
But if you do that I assume you will not get any Windows updates, correct or not? What if you want to update Windows? Check the box above that one?
What I'm looking for is a solution to recover quickly from BSOD's, something quick, easy and low maintenance. Something that does not require using backup software such as Aomei or Macrium Reflect.