Q&A Which Office Suite do you use ?

Which office suite do you use ?

  • Libre

    Votes: 77 30.2%
  • Microsoft

    Votes: 158 62.0%
  • OpenOffice

    Votes: 18 7.1%
  • WPS

    Votes: 23 9.0%
  • Other

    Votes: 27 10.6%

  • Total voters
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Local Host

Level 24
Sep 26, 2017
Microsoft, I've tried multiple other offers specially LibreOffice and none of them run as fast as Microsoft Office.

While the free offers start choking as I add more and more content, Microsoft Office runs stable and fast.

The paranoid one

WPS here.
For domestic use, it does more than I need. I have tried LibreOffice and OpenOffice previously but I have had problems when importing tables from Excel. I feel WPS lighter and compatible, but it may be no more than a personal appreciation, moreover, I like more of its appearance


Level 5
Oct 9, 2016
MS Office 2007 until the beginning of this year, now I migrated to Office 2016. Libre Office is also very good, but the problem is that since MSO is the most used suite, often you have to deal with documents created in MS Office, or send documents to people who use Ms Office. This can be a headache, because the files created by those programs are not 100% compatible. I've been through a couple of occasions where I edit a document with the Libre Office or the Google Docs equation editor and then either the symbols or the layout of the equations are completely messed up when I open in MS Word. So it's always good to have MS Office, because that's what most people use.


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Content Creator
Mar 13, 2016
In September I bought Office 2016 Pro to replace Office 2007 Pro. A digital license only costs CAN $37 and it worked (downloaded and installed it in Netherlands), so set me back less than 30 Euro. I thought I take the gamble and it worked, so will replace Windows 7 Ultimate for a Windows 10 Pro (I have seen them for less than 15 dollars)..
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