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pdf x-change editor. i'm really surprised more people arent using it. it works really well, is light, and hasn't crashed on me once. i rely on pdfs for my work so i need something very dependable. adobe uses too much resources and is constantly updating in the background plus they install some extra stuff on ur comp. same with foxit but i find foxit is worse and there's so much spam even with the paid version. other pdf viewers like sumatra are good but they dont support flash or play embedded videos. pdf x-change editor does it all!

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I use sumatraPDF for quick viewing when no editting is required. it has the best opening speed, the best searching speed, good text visibility/readability

When I need something more, I use Foxit phantom. It has the second best speed and relatively good pdf maker. OCR is OK. Text visibility is perfect. The UI is a bit less clean than sumatra, it takes more space on the screen

I tried nitro and adobe. They were really slow. For nitro, text visibility was very bad, I hated it. adobe had a bad UI which took too much space
pdf reader in chrome is laggy compare to native pdf readers especially while scrolling in large documents. don't like


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Nitro PDF, man I love this software.
Hands down the best PDF I have ever used, and this is one tool that I use on my work systems regularly,
and I had to have it at home as well.
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