Which would be the best AdBlocker ? This would only be in case of Firefox Browser.

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List of apps to compare
If u had a chance to vote and describe a product that u ave experienced, then please mention it with following observitives!
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Is it true that Disconnect is now $$$ collecting, no free after a month?
Hi, I believe after they put out the new and improved,they started charging. But you should go to their website and verify. Adgaurd has improved many products and may have a free Android app version,plus the add-on for Firefox. If I remember,the improved app covers all data (or apps that use data) connections now on Android. Not sure though. But Adgaurd worked great on chrome for an early version. So,do your homework,the early version of Disconnect I used was a tad inconsistent for global coverage on Android,but probably works a lot better now that they are a standard app on Black Phone. Goodluck.
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