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Woha ! seems my reply got alot of reacts xD.. let me be clear im not begind sarcastic, that the truth from all pc´s i had install Windows 10 versions. Im not hater but im not lover of windows but im still take it before another windows version.


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Maintenance? When you keep Windows clean, it runs like a Swiss clock. Corrupted caches, leftover reg entries and services (like Zemana), it all can create conflicts and eventually BSOD. I have actually started to use so much hated cleaners since Vista. One CCleaner a day, keeps bugs away. :)
Corrupted cache like WU cache? Left over registry entries? Wasn't that debunked by MS. I use CCleaner once a month for cleaning browser cache, Win logs, temp files etc.
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Corrupted cache like WU cache?
Yes, there are tons of various caches in Windows: font, icon, DNS, WinINet, WebCache, store, CRL (certificates), etc. Not to mention apps caches.

Wasn't that debunked by MS.
According to MS, Windows is perfect, especially 10, and you needn't to do anything to keep it running smooth. :D

Some people had problems because of an innocent completely unrelated leftover reg entry, which caused an inability to run/install software/driver.
I never forget, one empty reg key, which caused Windows 10 to fail to update, Windows released an update, which was a reg cleaner, to get rid of it.


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If it wasn't for the free upgrade, I'd probably be using Windows 8.1.
I have to agree that it was probably the smartest thing they have done. I know that before W10 was released, there were a lot of people (tech writers) that have been asking/saying that MS should offer the upgrade for free, since many people already have Windows with which ever computer they bought. If people bought a new computer afterwards, or needed additional copies, then yes they can charge for it, but their stance was that it should be a free upgrade. Seems like they listened with W10, but these people have been saying this since W7, so, it only took MS how many years? :p

On the other hand I think another motivating factor for them was to get as many people switched over to W10 from either 7 or 8.1 just so they only have to maintain one version essentially. I do agree that if they didn't offer it for free that a lot more people like you would have just stuck with what ever version they were running currently and as a result they would still have to maintain and fight with 3 major versions of the OS.
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  • Invades Your Privacy <-- google, phones, and nearly all services in internet do and noone say nothing.
  • Bloated <-- if u talking abouth " extra programs " a normal users dont want.. i never get any of these in any install so..
  • Weak Security <--- all security can be bypassed, always much better than the famous Windows 7
  • Buggy Updates <-- never veer get any problem updating any pc on windows 10
  • Unstable <---- never get any blue screen , freezes or something.
  • Vulnerable to Malware <-- thats user fault
  • No 2-way Firewall <-- again much better than the Windows 7
  • Slow Performance <-- with the pc´s we got today that s not noticable
  • Cannot run 16-bit programs <-- 16 bits? who else still runs these programs?

    A constructive comments dont take as atack or insult.
Agree. I have the same experience with Windows 10. Never had any problems with Windows 10.


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I still use Windows 7 and don't plan on changing to 10. I'll migrate to Linux if required but not 10. :D

Self-explained thread title.

Windows 10 is:
  • Invades Your Privacy
  • Bloated
  • Weak Security
  • Buggy Updates
  • Unstable
  • Vulnerable to Malware
  • No 2-way Firewall
  • Slow Performance
  • Cannot run 16-bit programs
  • ..
Comment below.
I agree. W10 is total garbage...I bought my son a brand new Lenovo laptop and it was slow as Christmas with all the bloat and Mcafee installed.
I will always stick to the best OS ever made other than XP which is W7!


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And this is Windows 10 fault because Lenovo installed all crap on their laptops?
Slow HDD and 4GB of ram is not best buy, specially if you check SSD prices.
I agree!

Its quite sad because like you said, when you look at the price of an SSD, (doesn't have to be an NVME, even though those came down in pricing) their very affordable, same with ram. Furthermore, these companies get discounts on pricing as they buy them in bulk. When SSD's first came out, yes I can see them not being in every laptop, but now, there's absolutely no excuse. I mean you can buy for a 2.5 512GB SSD for next to nothing now a days. Even the m.2 sata SSDs (not NVME) are just as cheap.

Personally I think it's all marketing. What I mean is, 1TB looks better than 512GB. 1TB SSD's are still a little more expensive, but those are coming down in price too, maybe I'm wrong though. Also all the crappy programs, apps and stuff that all OEMs install don't help either, but MS takes all the blame. Don't get me wrong, MS does create problems for themselves, but it's not always their fault. If you go to any of the OEM's websites and look for drivers, many of them haven't been updated in years. I've gone looking before and all the time I see drivers from 2016, or earlier, nothing newer and it's now 2019. So, I just go directly to the hardware vendor's site to get the most up to date version.


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I agree. W10 is total garbage...I bought my son a brand new Lenovo laptop and it was slow as Christmas with all the bloat and Mcafee installed.
The bloat has got nothing to do with Windows 10. If it had come with Windows 7 preinstalled, I'm sure it would have just as much bloat installed. You complained about McAfee, but these days it doesn't impede performance much and if you don't like it, you can easily remove it. It's worth noting too, that the laptop has a lower price because of bundled junk. If Lenovo was not making money from the included extras, they would have to raise the price.

You can make the laptop run faster by doing a clean install of Windows 10 (or even just uninstalling anything you don't want) and as others have mentioned, replacing the hard drive with a SSD. Also upgrading to the maximum of 8GB of RAM would most likely help too. After doing that Windows 10 would be really fast on that computer as its CPU is quite fast. I'm running Windows 10 on some laptops from 2006 which have much slower CPUs and it runs very well.
I will always stick to the best OS ever made other than XP which is W7!
On that laptop, Windows 10 will run just as fast as Windows 7, if not faster. Bear in mind that support for Windows 7 ends in January of next year. After that, there will be no more updates released, making it more vulnerable to being infected, so it makes sense to run Windows 10 rather than Windows 7..

Also, you missed the humor in Spawn's post. It was a not a serious post, he was just listing some of the things that people like to complain about in regards to Windows 10, that aren't actually true.
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