Advice Request Why does windows defender come up if I am using ESET

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Jul 31, 2022
Windows Defender pops up randomly and asks me If I want to allow access when I am playing games or really doing anything. eg.
If I have ESET enabled should I have all other windows defender settings disabled?


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Sep 2, 2021
Hello :)

NEVER use 2 antivirus ! These antiviruses can enter in conflict and cause rather important dysfunction.

If you use Eset, Windows Defender should be disabled. If it is not the case, I recommend you to use DefenderControl available here (deactivate the protections in real time, the file is detected as harmful, but is not malicious, I reassure you)



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Jun 21, 2020
Microsoft Defender is turned off, but Microsoft Firewall is only still enabled.

My guess is Either Microsoft Windows failed to complete the action or detection of third-party security solution or ESET didn't ping Windows to disable it. You can manually disable it without any software needed to download. Simply click on each network domain, private and public. And tick the firewall component for that network off. Once all three are disabled, the firewall is disabled.

However, only do this if your security solution has an in-built firewall module, or you install a third-party firewall, otherwise leave Windows Firewall enabled.


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Mar 16, 2019
Looks like you use ESET NOD32 and in that case it's normal since NOD32 doesn't have firewall. Windows Firewall blocks and notifies you only when an app's inbound connection is blocked. If your game needs it then allow it, otherwise ignore since it should notify only once.

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