Will Sandboxie Lifetime Licenses Still Be Honored?

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Please vote and say if you think the lifetime Sandboxie licences will be honored by Invincea.


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lifetime does not mean forever. it may be 5 year .

max 10 years.

they may restrict number of installation. Or lock the license to the pc.


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The reason for this: http://malwaretips.com/threads/no-more-lifetime-licence.19037/ License(s) without an expiry may work for a lifetime.

As you're aware of Invincea: http://malwaretips.com/threads/sandboxie-acquired-by-invincea.20490/ However, I believe 5 years is more than enough, because who knows what the future holds for Windows, yourself and other software.
Windows might use more of Hyper-V or another technique, You might switch to another OS, or Other vendors may produce better solutions.


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Sandboxie fans have no need to be concerned by its new ownership. You’ve been running under the Invincea umbrella for some time now and we have been working with Sandboxie Founder, Ronen Tzur, to ensure a smooth transition to new ownership. We will grow Sandboxie’s user base and continue to support and enhance the Sandboxie solution.
"You’ve been running under the Invincea umbrella for some time now " This seems to make more sense when you look at the following on Lifetime licenses:

To ensure future growth of Sandboxie, the licensing model shifts today from a lifetime licensing model to an annual licensing model.

Licenses issued in the past which did not include an expiration date will remain without expiration date, and may be used on more than one computer, per past licensing terms.

All new licenses issued starting today will expire in one year after initial activation of the product key, and are limited to one computer per one product key.
Seems to me that if those of us who use SBIE have been doing so "under the Invincea umbrella for quite some time now",that Invincea may have had something to do with no more Lifetime Licenses.As far as honoring Lifetime licenses ,I would lean toward "No".

This is a difficult question to answer since the future of SBIE is really not known.I would like to think that Invincea would honor those with Lifetime licenses but it's too early to really say.Everything seems as it was on SBIE website aside from the Invincea acquisition announcement but hard to say right now if one day SBIE is thrown into a new program and no longer supported.

There is a big difference from a program Founder and Author supporting a program & a Big Company with investors supporting a program.Almost always that feel of personal attention and support is gone.


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Sandboxie forum, response from Ronen.

"Yesterday, Invincea announced acquisition of Sandboxie.

Let me start by saying once again I would like to thank all of you for creating such a friendly and supportive community. It was a great privilege for me to be able to offer a useful program to the world, and a great pleasure to see how well it was received and promoted. Your encouragement during these past several years made all the difference.

We are now at a point when Sandboxie is mature and stable, and so I am happy to pass the torch to the capable hands of Invincea, a market leader who can take Sandboxie to places that were not accessible to me as a small developer.

In about six weeks, I will depart from Sandboxie. By that time, Invincea will introduce itself to this community, and will be able to maintain continuity with Sandboxie. There may be some changes, but please rest assured that there is little cause for concern.

Some of you have asked about the life-time licenses. As stated in the October 9th announcement about changes to licensing, Invincea respects the old licensing terms for old licenses, and this explicitly applies to the life-time licenses. The new October 9th licensing terms apply to licenses issued starting on October 9th, 2013.



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Right now Invincea is honoring the current licensing,but once Ronen departs who knows.
Will SBIE even remain as a standalone application? You really have to pick apart the acquisition letter from Invincea especially the quote below.
Sandboxie has been an early pioneer in Windows Containment with a global deployment of hundreds of thousands of users and over 1,000 firms trusting it to secure its endpoints. Adding Sandboxie to Invincea’s portfolio was a strategic move to expand our business globally, to address the small and individual market, and provide a pathway for Sandboxie fans to an enterprise ready solution –Invincea FreeSpace™.
Makes one wonder as to the future of SBIE as we know it.

Congrats to Ronen for the many years and support of a great program and a very nice pay day!
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Hate to say it but I think that it's going to be integrated in some browser platform. I don't believe they would continue development of a stand alone product. With that being said even if they did, I don't think it would have the love and reliability that Ronen provided.