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Windows 10 Build 15046 Failing with Error 80070228 for Some Users

Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 build 15046 earlier today, but it looks like some users are hitting an error that makes it impossible to download the new bits on their computers.

The company has already acknowledged the issue and explained that error 80070228 is already being investigated and more information should be provided very soon. This means that a workaround is not available just yet, but Microsoft is aware of the problem and should provide a fix as soon as possible.

“With the release of build 15046 today, we are seeing reports of error 80070228 hitting users while trying to download the new build. We are actively investigating this issue and several users have already filed feedback. We're awaiting for those logs to process so we can dig in,” the company explains.

Update stuck at 71 percent
At the same time, there’s also a second known issue that makes the installing process freeze at 71 percent before eventually rolling back and getting users to the desktop.

Microsoft is also investigating this problem and more information should land in the coming days as this work advances, as the company is waiting for insiders to send their logs and help find the cause of the bug.

Additionally, there is a bug that impacts users will multiple monitors, with Microsoft explaining that one of the monitors stops rendering everything with the exception of the mouse.

“While rebooting will fix it, you can also resolve the issue via Settings > System > Display under the Multiple displays section, set it to only use the monitor that’s functional, then set it back to “Extend these displays” and the issue should be resolved,” the firm says.

As a reminder, this build is still part of the Windows Insider program, so bugs like these are nothing out of the ordinary, especially because Microsoft wants to receive help from users for finding and diagnosing issues before certain improvements are released to all Windows 10 users.
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