Update 2015.07.29

Microsoft has started deploying Windows 10 today. Microsoft has always said that users won't have to do anything and that the availability of the update will be notified automatically.

In fact, the PC will automatically download the installation file once the download is complete and will notify you of the availability of the update. However you can force this step to start the upgrade process without waiting impatiently for the arrival of the Windows system tray. Only requirement, that your PC has already downloaded the Windows 10 installation files. As is well known, indeed, yesterday, Microsoft has quietly started sending installation files to users who had booked time the update copy of Windows 10

To verify if the installation files are already present in on your PC 10 is simply need to enable viewing of hidden files and folders in Windows and find the $windows. ~ BT folder inside the C:\. directory. At the end of download the folder over, should have a weight of about 5-6 GB.

If the folder is not available, you can start downloading Windows 10 by opening a command prompt in administrator mode (just look for the program "Command Prompt" in Windows, right click and choose "run as Administrator") and writing in the window : wuauclt.exe/updatenow

Having this item, to force the update will simply click on the Windows icon on the right in the taskbar, which served to make an upgrade copy of Windows 10. At that point will open a window that will warn you that upgrading to Windows 10 is ready for installation. Users therefore remains that kick off the upgrade which should last, according to Microsoft, about 60 minutes.

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Tony Cole

Level 27
The folder was present (I finally deleted it), but it was corrupt. Windows tried to install several updates, but they also fail, so I'm sticking to 8.1


Level 11
My system also got crippled thanks to this. Never ever delete anything in the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download folder. That's my advice.


These steps must be performed by those who want to force the update and fix the 80240020 error that can occur.

Many people have this problem and it seems that now the only procedure is follow the links above, obvious don't delete the folder but only the contents and I'll add you to restart the system.
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