Windows 11 vs 10: Intel CPUs apparently sluggish, and it's worse without Microsoft's help


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Aug 17, 2014
Intel moved to a hybrid x86 CPU design for its 11th generation of Core processors (Alder Lake). Not only that, but the company also made several other changes to other components too, dubbed the "Uncore" portion of the processor, also referred to as the System Agent, which includes the Northbridge. One such change is apparently causing various latency issues and sluggish performance in general on Intel's hybrid chips according to a report by YouTuber Tech YES City (TYC).

TYC, citing industry sources with knowledge of the matter, explains that the problem, apparently, is a consequence of the "I/O driver" of the uncore (System Agent) that was allegedly moved off the CPU on Intel's 12th Gen and 13th Gen chips.

Using latency tests, TYC shows that the problem is especially pronounced on Windows 10 in most cases. Although Windows 11 is not fully immune to these performance quirks, Microsoft and Intel's combined efforts on optimizing Thread Director for the hybrid processors do pay off in some of these cases, even though past gaming performance numbers have not suggested the same.

In the description of their YouTube video, TYC writes: " I always thought Intel's CPUs were snappy, in fact that were the snappiest of snappiest, even vs Ryzen, where AMD have improved a lot over the years with their latency. However with the advent of 12th gen Alder lake and 13th Gen i9-12900k and 13900K CPUs respectively, Intel took something AWAY, and that was they moved the I/O driver directly off the CPU (that's what I was told from multiple sources), and this was the exact reason why latency issues have been occurring on these CPUs for windows users "


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