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I now installed this update to my 2 Virtual Machines (Windows 7 Home Premium) and all work fine and on primary PC too.

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How is this update (3033929) related to the 3035131 update discussed in MS15-025? This update (3033929) shares affected binaries with the 3035131 update being released simultaneously via MS15-025. This overlap necessitates that one update supersede the other and, in this case, advisory update 3033929 supersedes update 3035131. Customers with automatic updating enabled should experience no unusual installation behavior; both updates should install automatically and both should appear in the list of installed updates. However, for customers who download and install updates manually, the order in which the updates are installed will determine the observed behavior as follows:

Scenario 1 (preferred): Customer first installs update 3035131 and then installs advisory update 3033929.
Result: Both updates should install normally and both updates should appear in the list of installed updates.


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If someone works in IT, then that is their job (to fix a issue which needs solving from the person responsible to fix the issues if they have the knowledge).

You can set Windows to check for updates, however, not download nor install them.
Or, as @Dani Santos suggested, allow Windows to download however not automatically install the updates.

Then, you can wait a few days to check for any reports of a fault update, before proceeding to allow Windows to install the update.

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bro you are runing around in circeles update should be off to avoid problems
update the system once installing windows and thats it, dont forget that when auto update set to on its a resources hugging. turning it of you'll have easier life.


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IMO not updating the OS is not sound advice. I have mine set to "Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them" I then check them and install them ASAP.Important updates should be installed and optional updates are "optional". As far as being a resource hog,I have never seen this to be the case whether on a high end machine or an old machine with limited resources.Both on Automatic or Check for updates.
A few bad updates over the years hardly makes it worth not updating an OS and exposing it to vulnerabilities. Many of these are urgent security patches.Actually problems with Windows updates are very rare.
When I fix or setup a PC for someone who is a novice user I set their Windows update to install updates automatically because they will probably not update in a timely fashion which can lead to the possibility of further exploits/vulnerabilities.
IMO security patches/updates(important/critical updates) are necessary as the amount of computers effected by not updating the OS far out weigh the computers effected by a bad update.
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