Windows 95 Sweaters


Level 24
May 16, 2018
This is BIG.


You can win one of these super-rare Windows 95 sweaters.

I mean.... look at that thing.

That is Schweeeet....

Who would not want one of these?

For some, that could change the trajectory of your life.


The company has made only 100 sweaters, many of which have already been awarded. There are only a few left at the time of writing.


She will die.


Specifically, Microsoft is looking for fans who have engaged with the company and have "shared their authentic love for Windows," a Microsoft representative told Business Insider.

So.... there are a few people around here who will definitely not get one of these.

I love Microsoft. Sometimes. When Windows 95 sweaters are involved. Maybe.

People really want this 'ugly' Windows 95 sweater that Microsoft is giving away, but unfortunately you can't buy it

That is all.