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There were multiple demonstrations of Microsoft Windows Defender (WD) being bypassed in different ways.

And that was a HUGE compliment to WD.

Usually, the bypass demos target the AVs with the reputation of being most difficult to bypass.

Kaspersky has been a long-time demo target. Sometimes Norton or Bitdefender.... In recent years, the 'Next-Gens' have been demo'd.

And this year, Windows Defender is thought of highly enough to be demo'd.

The reputation of WD is changing even in that crowd.


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Thank you for providing this...I'm still trying to navigate my way around and find some of the topics on Defender bypass. Help, anyone? This is still an ongoing seminar, until the 8th, so there's still more info to be had, I suppose. Even so, there is nothing at the moment I would change about my setup, until further notice of course. Microsoft needed to bring Defender out of the gutter. Now, it deserves some real respect. Plus, its market share is growing.

The location, Mandalay Bay, did not escape my notice. A grim reminder, one of many.


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