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    Official Website:
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    What's new in version (24.10.2016)

    - Improved: "Add to group" from Rules Panel contains now, besides the group names of
    the existing firewall rules, also the authorized group names.
    - Improved: The dialog that confirms if a new rule was created from Shell Integration
    was restored and will be displayed again.
    - Improved: The logging was extended for better debugging.
    - Fixed: "Click to allow/block" dialog can be resized even if it shouldn't.
    - Fixed: In some circumstances, the installer may give an InvalidDataException during
    the installation on Windows 10.
    - Updated: The user manual was updated to reflect the new changes.

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  2. hjlbx

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    I've passed on the previous 10 or so versions.

    Will have a "look-see" on this version.
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