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Level 4
What's new in version (22.04.2017)

- Important: Starting with this version, WFC is targeted to use .NET Framework 4.6
instead of .NET Framework 4.5 which is outdated.
- Important: Removed support for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.
- New: Added "-nogpu" parameter to wfc.exe. This will turn off GPU hardware
acceleration when rendering WFC. Use this when connecting remotely to a machine
where hardware acceleration is not available.
- New: Added the Action column in Connections Log so that the entries copied to
clipboard will contain also the action among the other properties.
- New: When the WFC tray application can't connect to WFC service and the exclamation
mark icon is displayed in the system tray, left click on the WFC icon will open the
user manual to the Troubleshooting section. Also, a 'User manual' entry is available
in the right click context menu.
- Updated: The troubleshooting section of the user manual was updated.

Download: wfc4setup.exe
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