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Hello, i have a problem with "Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool" my os is windows 10 pro x64.
MSRT deletes my infected file but i want them into my computer for my reasons.
My Windows Defender is disabled.

Now i want to tell me if there is any way to put my file in execption list from MSRT (i don't think it's possible) or how to disable MSRT forever.
Consider as i mention before my os is w10 so keep dowloading automaticaly updates like new MSRT every month.

Thanks. :)


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Follow malware research best practices - encrypt or at least store the malware in a password protected zip file.


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If friend there is an option to secure works,n't uninstall Windows 10 which is a virus and installed Windows 7 and ready.

Respect the option to install each user what you want but I can't understand how can install Windows 10 still a virus in any rule.


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The file is njRat and always running.
I don't know much about encryption but definitelyi can't change my OS. =/