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May 29, 2018
So there won't be a free/paid choice in the future? v2.73 didn't have HIPS / firewall features but v3.03 does.
You can disable those and enjoy ''free version'' and use it like that or just use it as on-demand scanner. Yup id like vw to be free version when installed with choice of using beta key to access beta & enjoy from paid features for now

Would make more sense

carl fish

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Mar 6, 2012
That's a good point,I will leave it alone but its nice to know of why it wasn't working when I tried to install it previously before I got trend and VS pro a combo that I really like.
I tested the installer and it was the Mandatory ASLR option, I did not install it of course because I am leaving that alone but I opened with it with the option turned off just to see and it worked :)
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Dec 12, 2015
@WiseVector - I'm still having an update issue. I've had this on every version dating back to v2.73. Every time I try to do a manual update it tells me it failed, Also I have never seen any progress in the progress bar. Since the auto update success is displayed in the main window showing that it in fact updated, how are we to know if it did actually update and not just attempt to update?? It would be really nice to see a new definition database # with that update notification so we would know that it did in fact update. Even better if it would show that on manual updates as well. Otherwise great work on a awesome program! I'm excited to see how this develops further and what your plans are for its future besides being paid. I've checked Process Explorer for DEP and ASLR and both are Not enabled. So you know it shows it being successfully updated on the main window. Is there a required KB patch or .NET Frame I'm missing here?
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Dec 14, 2018
@harlan4096 - I'm not using any VPN and am using a default Comcast DNS service. So you know my Brother is using WiseVector with Comcast and has no problems with manual updates. Were both in Spokane, WA. and believe it or not, were both running the exact same hardware and OS's.
Can you please try to ping cloud1.wisevector.com and cloud2.wisevector.com to check the connection?


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Sep 14, 2012
I wanted to see how it looks in terms of privacy issues? And whether there is no update problem in Iran? And in terms of RAM and CPU consumption, how is it, for example, compared to eset?
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