This test shows how an antivirus behaves with certain threats, in a specific environment and under certain conditions.
We encourage you to compare these results with others and take informed decisions on what security products to use.
Before buying an antivirus you should consider factors such as price, ease of use, compatibility, and support. Installing a free trial version allows an antivirus to be tested in everyday use before purchase.

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@harlan4096 how did you find the ransomware protection during your testing? What do you think of its implementation? :unsure:
there are 2 types of ransomware protection modules in WV. 1 is automatic, 1 is prompting when something, which is not in the whitelist, tries to access our folders (same as windows defender or bitdefender ransomware modules)

you can delect automatically add trusted processes + add your own trusted apps manually so it can reduce the numbet of prompts