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The worst would be BleachBit, as it trashed Windows. I've only used it once. I used the community ini file and then checked every cleaning section. I did not enable the sections BleachBit cautioned me about. When I did a clean, it deleted lots of system files. Kerish Doctor alerted me about some system files being deleted, and even recovered some of them. However, it was not enough to save my Windows install, which got completely trashed, and I could not boot it, even after a System Restore.


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I know a lot of you guys are going to hate me for saying this but my worst is Shadow Defender in Windows 10. When I had Windows 7 it worked flawless, now I try it in Windows 10 it borques my system every time. Maybe I don't have it set right maybe someone could give me a hand with the settings, because I think this software is really worth having on your system. It's a great extra layer of security to have.


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I'll name and shame a few:

- IE8. I sometimes had to use it on my previous work computer with XP and only 512 MB RAM, because the maximum Chrome/-ium version was still outdated and threw protocol errors on some sites. FF would work better, but it used an enormous amount of resources for that old computer. Other alternative browsers had problems with protocols like Chrome. IE8 was more "reliable" on this configuration, but being extremely outdated, its rendering was awful and it leaked memory all over the place trying to open any slightly complex page.

- Code Writer. That W10 app was installed on the newer computer I was given at work. Don't be fooled by its pretty GUI, it freezes up trying to load any piece of a reasonably long source code file.

- Midori. I like open source software as much as the next person, but taking HALF AN HOUR to open the DuckDuckGo home page is nothing short of criminal.

- SimPE. This was a package editor for the old game The Sims 2 that helps you create new items or edit the existing ones. Years ago when I was a kid, I had read the warnings that stated it can damage the system, but wanted to use it badly enough to take that risk so I installed it anyway. My computer was working fine at first, but after turning it on the next time, it began acting like its system files were removed. I had to uninstall that piece of trash to fix the problem.
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From a security perspective it was BlueStacks. I think I counted 75+ Private Firewall alerts during the installation. It installed numerous android apps into the main program after installing that first. PF HIPS went crazy. BS ran great at that time even and was very well written though. Probably even better 5+ years later, although all those apps with connections scared me off...o_O

Overall, I didn't like Maxthon, and I wasn't crazy about Japanese browser Sleipnir. Maxthon seemed to me like a data collection wrapper. Constantly contacted the internet.

Favorite or best program/app would probably bring some interesting replies lol...:)


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- windows defender and MSE, any version
- Microsoft Edge
- midori browser
- Bitdefender IS
- Norton AVs
- EASEUS partition master: by far the worst of the worsts
- HitmanPro.Alert (not hitmanpro)
- Avira AVs
Really interesting list from you @Evjl's Rain with all your experience with software...especially security. Why the hate for EASEUS PM? Is this something to do with borking drives that I am unaware of personally?

Thanks for the list sad to see Bitdefender IS, HMPA, and Avira AV on your list of all people. Your testing gives you very good and meaningful insights I know. This always shows in your posts :)...