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    Advisory: WOT may collect and sell users data.
    Click to read: Mozilla and Google remove WOT extension from Store

    Homepage: Safe Browsing Tool | WOT (Web of Trust)

    "WOT is a free security app that boosts your mobile protection against both malicious and adult web content. Protect your mobile phone and join the Web of Trust (WOT) community of over 6 million users and over 56 million rated sites! The WOT community rates sites as they browse, according to Trustworthiness and Child Safety, making WOT the largest community-powered website reputation tool!"

    Highlights of WOT:
    • Fast and free app for mobile internet safety
      • Doesn’t slow your browser
    • Seamless integration with Chrome and all native Android browsers
    • Customize WOT to block specific threats to your phone:
      • Tailor searches for threats specific to your phone, including suspicious links and phishing.
      • Ensure WOT identifies the sites that pose risks to your internet experience.
      • Highlight mobile security hazards you want WOT to warn you against.
    • WOT’s rating system warns you when a site is not safe
      • Be aware of potential fraudulent websites and undesired web content.
      • Run a site safety check through WOT. Instantly know which sites are safe.
      • View site scorecards: User generated ratings help you understand the reasons behind a site’s reputation score.
      • Rate sites and flag scams, phishing and other threats to protect the wider WOT community while providing an additional layer of website safety and security to your mobile device.
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    downloading and installing; good riddance this app comes (essential in my opinion)
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  3. Jack

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    I've installed this app a few days ago, yet I cannot see how this app integrates with Chrome. I've browsed to a few sites marked with a "red" rating from WOT, and yet no warnings. All you can really do is manually search for a website reputation in the app itself.. not very useful as we can do that on their website.

    What is strange is that they advertise it as it works with Chrome for Android...

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  4. LabZero

    LabZero Guest

    I have not yet installed WOT and I would like to test it with Chrome.
    But, for example, I use BitDefender Mobile and often the warning about the activation of Chrome web security appears to be in a delay or it does not appear at all, even if I feel that it is still working in the background.
    Maybe some problem with integration by Chorme side.
  5. Alkajak

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    Same for me. I've tried enabling data usage for the app and everything.
  6. Spawn

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    Jan 8, 2011
    If it requires Accessibility Access, then be aware it affects your Android Device's Encryption.
  7. Alkajak

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    As far as I tested, it isn't required and doesn't prompt you for any additional access. I just felt the need to test it as I couldn't get the app to work by default. I've uninstalled since, will wait for a fix. Looking forward to using it again when "seamless Chrome integration" is actually implemented. Really wanted this app to work.
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    Still sticks on ESET Mobile Traffic.
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