Hot Take XDM extension marked as malicious by Google (Xtreme Download Manager)


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Nov 8, 2016
Alert: EDGE deactivated my XDM extension cause google marked it as malicious.
The extension page is also offline on google Webstore. I'll uninstall XDM for now.

Someone have more information?


Changes in browser extension​

There is also some changes how XDM interacts with the browser. From version 8.0.6, browser extension will only be used to intercept file downloads. Video download option is added in the XDM application itself. It is under New button. New->Video download.
I am forced to make this change because of repeated warning and threats from Chrome web store and Firefox extension store to disable/delete the extension. Since detecting streaming video requires monitoring users network traffic, the reviewers often thinks that XDM extension is doing some malicious activity. In the past the extension was taken down several times for this reason and though it was restored later on, users often get confused and suspicious of XDM. I also received warning from Chrome web store that the extension is being used to download copyright protected contents, so from now on XDM will delegate all its video downloading tasks to another open source tool yt-dlp to fetch video links from URL. XDM will not have any video downloading code itself and will take video download links from yt-dlp as general URL and will leave the decision of determining whether content is legal/copyright protected up to the user.
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