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It's easy to install and they have step-by-step short video guides.
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I really like their design and user interface.
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All security and leaks tested are passed.
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Speed could be improved.
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VPN does not protect you from viruses. But it does hide your IP.
  1. Easy to use
  2. Simple and non-intrusive
  3. Great value
  4. Well designed, clear interface
  1. Not for beginners
  2. Not as many features as some competitors
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More than 3 months
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Windows 10, Ubuntu, Android and iOS.
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Mar 8, 2020

This is a part of my guide on how to choose a VPN there I cover some lowkey providers. I am going to make more reviews for each VPN from the list. I highly recommend reading my guide first.

Xeovo is a privacy-focused VPN provider based in Finland. They provide OpenVPN and WireGuard protocols. For both, they provide flexible generators that allow you to use custom ports and IPv6.

The main drawback (for some) is that Xeovo does not offer any custom VPN applications, which means you will need to use official OpenVPN and WireGuard clients, which is good. In my guide, I explain why it's better to use official clients, instead of proprietary ones.


No logs + no tracking on the website
Based outside 14 eyes
WireGuard support
Flexible config generator for both WireGuard and OpenVPN
IPv6 support
Strong encryption standards


Not that many regions available
Setup is slightly more complex
No port forwarding
Netflix and other popular stream providers are blocking Xeovo

Cross-platform testing results
For this Xeovo VPN review, I tested out their VPN using the following operating systems and applications:

  • Windows using OpenVPN GUI
  • Windows using WireGuard
  • Mac OS using Tunnelblick
  • Mac OS using WireGuard
  • Android + iOS
Everything worked well without any issues.

Security and privacy test results
I did run multiple tests by using different websites to assure that there are no leaks. Usually, I prefer to use another provider for DNS. So what I tested?

IPv4 leaks - no leaks
IPv6 leaks - no leaks
DNS leaks - no leaks

Xeovo VPN speed tests
In the latest round of speed tests for this Xeovo VPN review, the results were OK. I tested all servers using a 100 Mbps baseline connection from my location in North EU. For testing, I used CloudFlare Speed. Here are the results.





Technical support
Xeovo providers support thought their ticket system or email. It usually responds in several hours.

Xeovo VPN review conclusion
Overall, Xeovo VPN is a decent provider for those seeking to attain high levels of privacy. With reasonable prices and OK speeds.

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