Unlimited Giveaway Xvirus Anti-Malware Pro - 1 year free license

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Jan 7, 2021
1. Navigate to the Site of Promotion.
1. Download the program from the following link and install it on your computer. Please note that the program has an English interface.
2. Launch the program and click on the "Buy Now" link in the upper right corner. Enter the following activation code and click "Activate".
3. If activation is successful, the message "Xvirus Anti-Malware Pro Activated successfully" will appear.
Aug 15, 2020
Get a free one year license of Xvirus Anti-Malware Pro antivirus scanner for Windows. An easy-to-use tool to protect your computer from various security threats, compatible with other antiviruses.

Xvirus Anti-Malware Pro is an antivirus scanner that provides real-time protection against viruses, spyware and other security threats. With its help, you can conduct an additional scan of your system, even if you have an anti-virus program installed.

Xvirus Anti-Malware Pro provides real-time protection in addition to other products installed. File protection, system monitor, and firewall can help you identify threats that your antivirus may have missed, which further protects your information and privacy.