So the free version doesn't have signatures stored locally or that some important updates aren't delivered to it, like as the website says?
The program version updates are one thing and they involve the free and premium version, the real time update is related to the premium version.
In the main GUI of the free and the premium you can see the difference.


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Both free and premium users have current signatures when they run a scan. Only difference between priority updates is that Premium users are given the priority when new version is released.
So you mean priority in the product version right? So Zemana Premium product updates earlier than Free version as in product version number update.

Ray Redbad

With non-beta product updates averaging one every ~12 days since its first stable release, and one every ~9 days so far in 2016, having a high priority is critical. Source: https://zemana.com/WhatsNew?ProductID=2