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Hi, guys i have a slightly annoying problem related to zemana antilogger free, whenever i choose to restart my windows 10 machine will send me to this prompt

uninstalling zemana will fix this and my pc will restart normally, also tried zemana anti-logger trial version and i have the same problem, next i installed zemana ak free on a laptop with windows 10 and again same problem ... Can't find any information on the net and since so many people use zemana im the only one plagued by this issue ? Any thoughts ?

ps. windows 10 version is 10586.104

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@Magusxd That is very strange, try excluding Zemana from other security products and exclude other security products from Zemana. This thread should be here: Troubleshooting Software - Questions and Help! Contact Zemana support: Support For AntiLogger Free or PM Zemana Staff here on MalwareTips: @TwinHeadedEagle and @iIda15 :)

Other options:
  • Update your PC fully through Windows Update, DO NOT use any other clients as they may cause problems.

1.) Any applications I tell you to use (if any) are 100% safe - by following my instructions, it it completely at your own risk!

2.) Download CCleaner from this link which is the official website:
3.) Run CCleaner:
Press the
button and let it analyse your PC.
After it has analysed your PC press the
button and let it finish.

4.) Restart your PC and see if there are any more problems :)
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Already done that, im using ccleaner with ccenchancer ... windows are up to date, run sfc /scannow no errors, issue presists... on the laptop i don't even have any security products nothing to collide with zemana ...

edit: i will contact their support hope to get an answer soon


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So i got a response back and they confirm the issue they say they will fix it... so many people use zemana and haven't notice this ? i believe it was present for months!!!
-We are working on fixing it. You will get informed once fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.