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Hi Guys,

Could I please get some expert advice whether I need to use both Zemana anti-malware and Malwarebytes 3.0?.

Is Zemana anti-malware and Malwarebytes 3.0 the same or different?, which software's more better for internet security?


Level 13
you can have them both. they will work in tandem. zemana is way better than malwarebytes if you ask me.

if you have not bought zemana anti-malware yet, i would advice you to buy zemana anti-logger instead. zal + mbam will be real good.


Level 16
I used MBAM Premium for some time but he came back to Zemana Anti-Malware is lighter and uses more engines to scan the system.
Also in my opinion it's better Zeman but the choice belongs to you.


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Zemana has a better detection rate than malwarebytes for sure, but even zemana has some pros and cons. If you don't already have an AV, I suggest choosing one to make it your main AV.

Zemana and Malwarebytes are both companion AVs and can work along side a main AV (even though malwarebytes has stated they are officially calling themselves an AV, their detection rate is still questionable)


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I got 66 days left on 4 Malwarebytes Anti-Malware licenses. Currently, I don't even have it installed. Since they just had to fix what wasn't broken in the first place, I'll go for Zemana next time around.