Level 2
So Zemana added real-time protection on their latest builds (Zemana Anti-Malware). Looks like it's no longer just an on demand scanner. Any thoughs about this? Anyone tested the protection yet? Plans with it (eg. Anyone going to use it as real time etc.)?


Level 18
I think it only works on execution.
That's what I was thinking to. It only did something when I executed malware in a VM. It's very responsive. They probably only have it for delete or quarantine only (to protect the user from just letting it run until you do something - however most others would simply block it's access until it received an answer).

If I'm not mistaken, I also saw it having a behavior monitor for files it doesn't know about. That is what my full interest is in. We already know Zemana can detect since it uses great engines, we know it can clean an infected system, but can it kill zero days in the final product? Only thing I know for certain is Zemana is going in a great direction with good momentum.


Level 8
I hope they add AntiLogger to Anti-Malware i see they don't update it anymore working on Anti-Malware only. Tested Zemana Anti-Malware real-time protection still not good it detected threat when i did cloud scan but when i open scanned file it did not detect it and let me open it, i even activated Pandora Real Time Analysis did not help.