Which of them you think is better?

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Hello, @xtremehosting!
From the two above, I would go with Privatefirewall. Its HIPS, though much talkative, is very good, while ZA's needs a lot of improvement. Both are quite light in memory usage (30MB PF, 50-60MB ZA), but ZA, at least in my system, uses a lot of CPU. ZA's UI might seem more attractive, but PF is much more configurable.
As far as the firewall component is concerned (not HIPS), both, in my opinion, are great.
My suggestion though would be with COMODO Firewall.

Edit: ZoneAlarm also comes with bundled adware during installation.


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my voice on Private Firewall is a light and no problems with it so it is install and forget.
I have it installed on another computer, and I'm happy with it is really good.:)
guys i have replaced zone alarm firewall with private firewall.

PF is very configurable but i am getting one issue my inter net got terribly slow after installing PF(may be not configured properly).

can any one provide me with the guide for configuring it.


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Private firewall again if they update it more often, which is not the case actually
Zone alarm i never had good experiences with
for now, window firewall is enough for my needs


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i would say neither of those to be honest..Hardware firewall is enough if your on a main broadband connection or the windows firewall for other connection types....privatefirewall is hit and miss if it actually installs correctly depending on your computer specifications.

Zonealarm like comodo has become a bloated monstrosity which should be avoided.


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Have used Private firewall in the past and found it to be a good firewall. Not updated often though...(as mentioned) last update was I think ---December 20th, 2013, 7:26 GMT. I'd still choose it over Zone Alarm Free.


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Comodo .... Zonealarm pasts its golden era, now its comes with adware also, Privatefirewall is good, but for them only who knows how to use it and configure it. Noob like me prefer to stay with Comodo, this CIS version didn't make any problem with me yet... didn't configure anything manually, running smoothly with Avira...

Dont know how Online Armour is doing now, but used some years ago, not bad, but faced some problem after months of use, cant remember what was the problem though. May be experience users avoid such problems...

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