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ZoneAlarm Web Secure Free is a free web browsing tool offered as part of ZoneAlarm's free products: ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall and ZoneAlarm Free Firewall.
Chrome Extension provides secure web browsing with real-time web protection technology and a secure search engine. Both components use a variety of advanced technologies from ZoneAlarm and Check Point security experts, designed to provide comprehensive protection when using the Internet.
ZoneAlarm Web Secure Free Security Features
ZoneAlarm Web Secure Free protects you from phishing and malicious sites and downloads malicious documents and files.
The anti-phishing feature protects your personal information from phishing attacks while browsing the web. The component checks all websites visited before you can leave any personal information, and will warn you if the vendor is a secure site or attempted phishing.
The Chrome extension provides maximum security and does not slow down site loading, as it scans web forms for threats just before entering personal information.
ZoneAlarm Extract Threat
ZoneAlarm Threat Extraction technology lets you download e-mail documents and safely play downloaded files online after removing any potential threats.
Search engine ZoneAlarm
Installing the free Web Secure Free extension will add ZoneAlarm SafeSearch to your browser's default search engines, saving you safe browsing.
ZoneAlarm uses Check Point ThreatCloud, which contains the latest information about global online threats.