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It seems users of this vpn aren't happy.. is there any positive thing to give it a try.?
It makes my fiber connection barely unusable and also injects theirs ads onto your HTTP traffic breaking the entire purpose of running a VPN on your system.
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A mistake, which should be corrected would be this one. It happens very often.

I want to go with Switzerland, but google will open with Ukraine



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I was not satisfied with how it worked on my PC. It made the connection very slow even when connecting to neighboring countries and at one point it refused to disconnect. The disconnecting process just stopped and my internet connection was blocked until I rebooted the computer. I uninstalled this software.


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Just of of interest I tried this VPN - I wasn't expecting much at all. I was & are surprised, to start with the connection to the server is amazingly fast, maybe fastest I've ever seen? Ping was almost unchanged at 30ms - Speed isn't the fastest I've seen (40 ish out of 75) but it's as good or better than many VPN's I've used at least using the UK server (where I am), trying the Dutch server still very usable but slower (22 out of possible 75) - It is pretty late here so daytime speeds may be different. I tried a few leak sites & all was well - I can't comment on security. The interface is a bit basic but it works very well, again better than many VPN's I've used.
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Aren't there plenty of websites that handle such giveaways? But I'm not sure which ones to trust. I onlu found one good trusted website but that is it. There are no other good ones that provide actual value.
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For anyone thinking about using this VPN I suggest that you read this review of's TOS by AP87 on the site, where it is currently on offer - https://****/s/free-seed4-me-vpn-100-discount

Seems very nice; however, as usual with these kind of service-providers ….
first of all, their terms clearly states they waive all responsibilities for it actually working as described,
their name “seed4me” implies seeding torrents, some of which may in certain jurisdictions be illegal according to copyrights,
and in their ToS, amongst buncha other things..->
“[…] Account Holder further agrees that they or anyone using their account will not engage in any of the following activities:
– Uploading, posting, reproducing, or distribution of any content protected by copyright, or other proprietary right, without first having obtained permission of the copyright owner. […]
– Posting to or transmitting through the Seed4.Me Service any unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, profane, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable material of any kind, including, but not limited to, any material which encourages conduct that may constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any applicable local, state, federal or international law.
– Using the Seed4.Me Service for anything other than lawful purposes.”
“Seed4.Me reserves the right to install, manage and operate one or more software, monitoring or other solutions designed to assist us in identifying and/or tracking activities that we consider to be illegal or violations of these ToS’s. […] ”
“Account Holder will be held responsible for any and all damages incurred by Seed4.Me including any amounts charged by any outside entity due to said violation(s) including without limitation attorney fees and costs.”
.. as with all these providers, trust in them and their accountability is main prio for the end-user.
I don’t see it likely them being held accountable even if they did what many dubious “free vpn”, “free proxy”, “free .. “-sorta providers are some times suspected of, such as traffic-injection (for example, after identifying a users web-browser (type, version, OS details etc. as would commonly be found among other places in simple User-Agent string in http-get request’s header ..) would act on this to deploy targeted browser-exploits , client-side javascripts to pivot into clients internal networks and potentially compromise other hosts … etc., to sniff traffic / dump sensitive details (passwords, cc#’s, .. etc.), using compromised hosts to sell or whatever other malicious use. Of course, they’re a “who knows”-kinda entity, privacy-protection on domain’s whois-records only pointing to a generic, mass-used catch-all address in Panama for eventual inquiries..
.. waiving all responsibilities in case of any such events, also on behaolf of third-parties; thus, enabling them to among other things excuse something such as the above example with traffic-manipulation as, “oh, sorry guys, that was a third-party advertising agency” that was hacked/went bad/.. , sorry to those affected but feel confident of our commitment to your security by knowing we’ve now closed their access.” .. or some nonsense as such, presumably third-party — likely non-tracable / non-accountable, such as themselves anyway — to distance themselves for anything bad.
Were something “bad” to occur to their networks, for example a complaint to their ISP because a user of the VPN was downloading torrent-files illegally, they clearly state they’ll cooperate, may monitor traffic and hand over user details to relevant authorities, enabling compliance with regulatory bodies as broadly as possible while similarly giving users as little room for any mistake as possible …
For most people, assuming they aren’t doing additional shady stuff as for example the above described scenario
– which they easily could, get away with it with high likelihood, or in worst case easily reject it as some “non-relatable”, “third-party” .. “somebody else” who users have waived all rights to fault for anything, any of them ,anyway,
– it may be safer to use your home-connection , even if you are engaging in illegal torrenting.
Besides not as surely having that logged with such broad authorizations and rights-waivers without even any sort of privacy-governing data-retention policies laid out whatsoever, can feel confident that at least not some “free” service-provider does not log all traffic-data (who would know anyway they aren’t responsible for any of it; you already acepted that if you signed up..), or possibly worse yet , inject malicious data for shady uses of all kinds….
just my 2cs….
n, surely many may call me some paranoid freak , talking non-sense..blablabla.. may be.
just sayin’..may be worth consideration, and something each one individual should consider if they find feasible and worth risking or not .. ^^
Their terms,for what it’s worth -given their non-accountability thru concealing their identities and actual origin… – is here:
Terms Seed4.Me - Private VPN Club "
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IMO at least they are honest about what they do, I'm sure some VPN's tell people what they want to hear, oh 'no no logs whatsoever', may be true but we usually only have their word for it?
Very true. People are quick to slate software, with no factual basis behind a statement.

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Any VPN could be a trap for users. They will say that they don't keep any logs and the users will use it thinking they are perfectly safe. But the provider will collect all the info it wants. Moreover as all the traffic goes through their own server you just don't know what they are doing with the data.


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Any VPN could be a trap for users. They will say that they don't keep any logs and the users will use it thinking they are perfectly safe. But the provider will collect all the info it wants. Moreover as all the traffic goes through their own server you just don't know what they are doing with the data.
True, but I wouldn't paint the same picture with every VPN. Not all are malicious, but I understand your point.

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How come you wouldn't recommend this product? Any reason, just so that I understand.


i would not recommend about VPN service sure but not all save "logs an location" , anyway this is ur choice to use it.