Latest changes
Oct 6, 2018
Windows Edition
OS version
Spring Creators / Debottnetted
System type
64-bit operating system; x64-based processor
Security updates
Windows UAC
Always notify
Firewall protection
Microsoft Defender Firewall
Account privileges
Administrator account
Account type
Exposure to malware
No malware samples are downloaded
Real-time Malware protection
Sandboxie, MalwareBytes Premium, Keyscrambler Premium
Periodic scanners
Hitman Pro, Emsisoft Emergency Kit, Norton Power Eraser
Browser and Add-ons
Firefox, HTTPS Everywhere, uBlock Origin, uMatrix, Privacy Badger, Sticky Password
Privacy tools and VPN
Trend Micro AIProtection on Router, TorGuard, Cloudflare DNS
Password manager
Sticky Password Premium
Search engine
Maintenance tools
Bitlocker (All Partitions/Drives), Kerish Doctor 2018, Privazer, Bleachbit 2.0
Photos and Files backup
MEGA - (2048bit Encrypted Cloud Storage)
File Backup schedule
Automatically sync to the cloud
Backup and Restore
Image for Windows (Encrypted)
Backup schedule
Once or more per month


Level 4
Added MEGA cloud backup, using MEGA sync to keep my personal files backed up with 2048bit encryption!
Added another on-demand back up scanner, Norton Power Eraser.
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Level 4
Ive changed to Tor Browser (increased default settings to 'Safer')
Ive changed to Mullvad (No account needed, No email given & paid with Bitcoin)
Added full system encryption with VeraCrypt (including USB Stick)


Level 32
How come this is still unverified?

What browser extensions do you use?

Also on setup, this is very secure, thanks for sharing.



Level 4
Hey LDogg,

Not Sure, when i originally put it up it was 'Secure:Basic' but ive made a ton of changes since then.

Using Tor Browser, so it has:

HTTPS Everywhere
Tor Button
Tor Launcher

(I'll add this to the original config)


Level 32
Hey man!!

Nice man, looks like that's all you need for the Tor Browser really. HTTPS Everywhere however I feel is a bit redundant in 2018. But still keep it. Just encase some sites still only use the default HTTP.