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Absolutely free security software to protect your system
Meet 9-Lab Removal Tool: it's a software that is completely free with no hidden charges and unexpected offers to invest additional funds. Today there are many security programs that play the game of actually tricking users into purchasing their licenses. They often offer to run a so-called “free scan”, and users are thus being attracted with the word “free”. Once the scan is over the offer comes up to buy the software. With 9-Lab Removal Tool things are totally opposite. You will never be asked to buy this program because it is 100% free or charge - to scan and to get rid of malwares.
Compatible with majority of Windows-based PCs

Provided that you have quite an outdated computer from the late 90s, 9-Lab Removal Tool will operate trouble-free on your system. Just make sure you use Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 - with the latest SP available. However, to ensure the best scanning speed your workstation must possess with at least 1 GB of RAM (under such condition it should run best on any modern computer).

Use 9-lab Removal Tool besides your AV software - improve your system protection!

It’s a popular myth that you shouldn’t run two antivirus programs at the same time. We made our best to make 9-Lab Removal Tool in a way that makes it compatible with almost all other antivirus programs!

Does not slow your PC

9-Lab Removal Tool is an on-demand anti-malware scanner, so it will not create any hidden processes that slow your system down. Scan - cure - and enjoy your fast and clean computer!
Technical Details

Version: 1.0 beta
Operating Systems: Microsoft ® Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (32-bit and 64-bit).
Software Requirements:
All editions of Windows Vista and Windows 7 or 8 both 32 bit and 64 bit
Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Later
Internet Explorer 6 or newer
Minimum system requirements:
256MB of RAM
800MHz CPU
50MB of free hard disk space
800×600 screen resolution
Active internet connection for database and product updates
Recommended system requirements:
512MB of RAM or more
1500MHz CPU or faster
1024×768 or greater screen resolution
Active internet connection for database and product updates

Use at your own risk, since its a beta version and based from Ukraine location where it origin


Level 61
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I have Some Questions for you

1. Which Engines are in the 9-Lab Removal Tool

"Removal Tool" is our standalone product, we do not use any outside engines.

2. Can you add the Engines to virustotal.com

Right now we have a BETA version, this is why it is too early to
consider adding our engine to Virustotal. But we surely have this in mind.

3. How can i send you Files for check or analyze;

We're working over our site and will release a new version within about
a month. There will be an option to send us files for analysis

Thank you for attention to our product.

We didn't expect to receive such a large number of notifications, and
this is why we're answering with delay. For contacting us you may use
email support@9-lab.com.