I search a free remote-desktop software to control 2-3 pcs (on Windows).
I need it for personal use only. So I need a maximum of options but I don't need a simple program.
I don't need a tool like teamviewer because it need a password (so a preson is needed to give the password).


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Check logmein as well though it's teamviewer alternative type, well if you make an account or set permanent password it will not reset at every startup (in case you need this thing)


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I used to use Teamviewer, but now I use VNC for my servers. But the free version has no encryption and if your accessing it from WAN then you will need to port forward it. Meaning you could expose yourself if you were to control two computers in two different locations.

However, if its for a home network it will work great. The only issue I can think of in a home network is that it doesn't offer file transfer. But its used in the enterprise and business a lot so you'll be getting a quality product, just toned down.

Sorry about the edit, i accidentally completed it when i didn't want to.