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If the driver is updated and the symptom is not improved, the hardware may be faulty. If possible, try connecting to an external display to see if the same symptoms occur.
I feel like a hardware glitch.
My friend tell me that the this problem did not appear on the HDMI screen.

That looks like a hardware issue rather than a driver problem. If your laptop has dedicated graphics (rather than just integrated graphics), it's possible the graphics chip is faulty.
As you can see on the photos below, I don't think that this basic laptop has a dedicated graphic card.

Is it still covered by the warranty?
Unfortunately there is no more guarantee:(


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Is this laptop running Windows 10 v. 2004? It looks like it but the photo is kind of grainy. If it is running 2004, it's no longer possible to update drivers via Device Manager. You can have a look at the Settings App under Windows Updates/Optional Updates link but be very careful. I prefer to go straight to the sources myself.


Either look at Lenovo's site for any Ideapad 330 drivers available or, if your friend is not comfortable taking the back plate off, maybe inquire if there's a reputable shop in the area to troubleshoot the hardware. I read laptops have maybe a three to four year lifespan, sadly. But exhaust all the possibilities first and weigh cost versus benefits.

I don't have the product ID so you'll have to enter that info in order to proceed to the drivers.

Edit: Did your friend know there is this Lenovo software for hardware diagnostics? I don't know how good or specific it is but maybe he can consider running it and see what turns up.

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I'd start with changing the 'hardware acceleration" options in Flash. Might help.

If not, it's more likely to be the video card than a loose cable. And if happens to be part of the motherboard (what is usual in a laptop) it can be a quite expensive repair to replace the motherboard.