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Nov 10, 2017

Over the past couple of months, a new breed of extensions has emerged to deal with YouTube's ever increasing arsenal of ads. These extensions don't block advertisement on YouTube like traditional content blockers. Instead, they use a different technology to manipulate the ad video stream.

The three core changes are mute, skip and fast forward. Mute turns off the volume, so that ads don't play any sound anymore. The extensions unmute immediately once the actual video starts playing. Then, depending on how the ad is served, these ads are either skipped entirely or fast forwarded.

Ad Speedup is the third extension of this new breed of extensions that I review here on this site (there is also a userscript called Remove Adblock Thing which does the same) The first, Skip and Fast-Forward YouTube ads, was turned into a paid extension unfortunately by its developer. Then came Ad Accelerator, which offered similar functionality.

Now it is Ad Speedup that promises to make advertisement on YouTube more pleasant to endure. Just like its cousins, Ad Speedup will mute any advertisement on YouTube that you encounter. It will also try to skip ads entirely, if possible, or fast forward them. The fast forward option speeds up ads by the factor 16. In other words, a 30 second ad plays in about 2 seconds with the extension enabled.

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Apr 21, 2016
The emergence of new extensions that deal with YouTube's increasing number of ads has been gaining attention in recent months. These extensions don't block ads like traditional content blockers, but instead manipulate the ad video stream using mute, skip, and fast forward features.

The mute function turns off the volume of ads, preventing them from playing any sound. However, the extensions automatically unmute the video once the actual content starts. Additionally, depending on how the ad is served, these extensions either skip the ads entirely or fast forward through them.

One of these new extensions is called Ad Speedup, which is the focus of this review. Like its counterparts, Ad Speedup mutes any ads encountered on YouTube and attempts to skip them or fast forward through them. The fast forward option specifically speeds up ads by a factor of 16, meaning a 30-second ad would play in about 2 seconds with the extension enabled.

It's worth noting that the first extension in this category, Skip and Fast-Forward YouTube ads, unfortunately transitioned into a paid extension. Another extension called Ad Accelerator also offered similar functionality. However, Ad Speedup aims to provide a more pleasant experience when encountering ads on YouTube.

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