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Does anyone have any info on this extension found in the Chrome Web Store? Is it legit? Supposedly it is from people who work for Adblock. Their website https://adblockprotect.com gives very little info.
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Consider the very basics, like a site of there own with https, support email that seems to point correct along with there own policy used on the Chrome web store one would think this is legit but, other things would make me hesitate. Zero reviews on the webstore etc.

Thats the actual main site. I see zero links to any help or information other then links to the Chrome web store. Reading the submitted link from @sg09 helps a lot as I get the picture this extension is a side project from the developer/s on AdBlock. The lack of information on the main page as the OP noted, I can guess comes from that the extension is very fresh and new. The amount of users ( 1609 right now ) also tells the same story. Great test btw from @TairikuOkami as that really says everything needed IMO.


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Thanks for your replies. Seeing as this extension is based on Easy Privacy, if you have this filter activated in your ad blocker, adding this extension would seem to be redundant. Might be good for a user that is not concerned with blocking ads but wants to block tracking. Also noticed while checking out this extension that the memory usage is rather high.