New Update AdBlocker Ultimate for Windows

Jan Willy

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Jul 5, 2019
"Nice" app / extension. View:

It's possible to use the AdBlocker Ultimate filterlists in AG. Downloadsource:

I've not checked them all, but my impression is that those lists contain more rules as the original AG lists. I don't know if this makes them more effective.
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Dec 7, 2021
Out of interest I removed AdGuard for Windows & installed AdBlocker Ultimate as I have a licence & made some comparisons: AdGuard removed Ad's from YouTube without any problems, AdBlocker didn't, I actually forgot there were Ad's on YouTube, for me I imaged back to AdGuard. Try it yourself?


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May 10, 2011
v4.1.6.0 is out
AdBlocker Ultimate for Windows - AdBlocker Ultimate
AdBlocker Ultimate for Windows version 4.1 introduces multiple performance and efficiency improvements.

What's new?
Completely revamped ad-filtering engine
The ad-filtering engine was completely rewritten from scratch. The effort produced 7-8x faster loading of filter lists by utilizing algorithms for lazy loading of rules. There is no need to maintain all rules in memory if we are not going to use all of them.

Advanced caching
The software will cache the rules that are most frequently used. This results in even faster rule matching (quicker web page filtering).

Efficiency mode
AdBlocker Ultimate now takes advantage of Windows’ efficiency mode API. This will decrease system resource usage and will improve energy consumption (great news for laptops!).


Lower memory usage
Thanks to the optimizations above the memory usage was drastically reduced. Only resources that are actively in use are readily available.
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