Which add blocker is better: AdGuard , AdMuncher or Adblock ?

  • AdGuard - adguard.com

    Votes: 22 27.8%
  • AdMuncher - admuncher.com

    Votes: 9 11.4%
  • Adblock - adblockplus.org

    Votes: 48 60.8%
  • Total voters


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Sure. :)

You are right, unfortunately there is no version for Linux at the moment. :(

P.S. New version came out! New languages have been added - Russian, Japanese, Portguese, German, Spanish and Serbian. First post has been edited.
Although many of the posts refer specifically to the full programs installed on systems, I've just installed the AdGuard extension;) which seems to work fine with Google Chrome in linux lubuntu.:cool: I've Adblock (disabled) and will report my thoughts on how the extensions compared after more time to consider.:D

Update: AdGuard works well! I was impressed most by it's ease with updates. Subscriptions manually update with 1 click as does uBlock. After all the talk of lightness versus use of resources, it's simply the UI and ease of updates I find most varying. Similar is deciding which browsers we favour most. Our Firefox browser blocks Ads with Adblock Plus & Adblock Edge respectively in an @Littlebits -like fashion. Admuncher will need to regain some of it's former following before I'd jump (.. or munch) ship for their optional extension .:)
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