AdGuard Blog: AdGuard turns 13: Anniversary quiz, wow discounts, and more


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Apr 24, 2016
Not only is June 1st the first day of summer, it's also AdGuard's birthday. This year we're turning 13, and we're incredibly thankful to all the people who use our products and help us become better: users, translators, beta testers, and contributors. Over the years, it's not just AdGuard that has grown, but the community around it as well. To say thank you for your support, we have a few surprises waiting for you:
  • AdGuard Ad Blocker: 45% discounts and gift licenses
  • AdGuard VPN: 85% discount
  • Total recall (anniversary quiz)
Thanks for staying with us! You're an endless source of inspiration to us, and your feedback helps us become better.

That's it, off we go to blow out the candles and eat the birthday cake!